Criminal Defense Attorney Defends Rights of Ohio Clients

Portsmouth lawyer fights cases to give the accused a fresh start
Ohio attorney Richard M. Nash Jr. is a smart, tough litigator who represents clients accused in criminal and traffic offense cases in Portsmouth and throughout the surrounding areas of Ohio, including Scioto, Jackson, Pike and Adams Counties. I also handle post-conviction cases, fighting for clients after trial in appeals, expungements and judicial release cases. If you have been unfairly accused of drug possession, are facing DUI charges or want to expunge a criminal record to reclaim your life, the Law Office of Richard M. Nash Jr. is ready to take your case.

Attorney Richard M. Nash, Jr. is committed to bringing justice to accused clients, giving them a fair chance,  whether they have been unfairly charged or acknowledge that they made an error in judgment and want to turn their lives around. I have built a reputation as a skilled litigator whose toughness in the courtroom is matched by genuine compassion for the clients I represent. You can expect the following at the Law Office of Richard M. Nash, Jr.:

  • Skilled representation — At the Law Office of Richard M. Nash Jr., I use my extensive file of case histories to identify and develop winning strategies for clients. I am a tough litigator, but also use negotiation and mediation when these approaches benefit a client. I know how and when to use each path to advance criminal law cases.
  • Focused knowledge — I have dedicated the Law Office of Richard M. Nash Jr. entirely to criminal defense. I am well versed in this area of practice, maintaining membership in a professional association of criminal defense attorneys and staying on top of all new laws and their impact on criminal defense clients. I started my career in the public defender’s office.
  • Compassion for clients — My clients’ stories fuel my passion for justice and my desire to give you fair representation. I see clients as people with real-life problems, who are often overwhelmed by circumstances and have no resources to fight back. I listen to them attentively and respond to their concerns. I take great satisfaction in making a difference in your life.

Ohio law firm handles criminal defense, traffic offenses and post-conviction legal matters  
Richard M. Nash, Jr. handles clients with criminal defense, traffic offenses and post-conviction cases. If you are fighting a domestic assault charge, are confused about camera evidence that you ran a stop light or need help understanding the rules for judicial release, the Law Office of Richard M. Nash Jr. has the skills and knowledge to take your case. I handle cases in the following areas of practice:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Traffic Offenses
  • Post-Conviction

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